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Whitsundays Snorkelling

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Experience the best Whitsundays sailing adventures

Australia is considered as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It has some amazing places for those seeking an adventurous and thrilling trip. If you want to experience the best of everything, you must consider visiting  the Whitsundays, situated on the Central Coast of Queensland.

The Whitsunday sailing adventures are immensely popular among the local and the international visitors.

Water related adventures are available in abundance in our Whitsundays sailing adventures

If you follow the geographical location of Whitsunday, you will find that the Great Barrier Reef borders it and the prime reason for the holiday seekers looking for fun filled and adventurous trip. Whitsunday seems to be the perfect place for relaxing and getting involved with the water related sports and sailing adventures.

You will come across several tour operators arranging for different Whitsunday sailing adventures packages.

You’ll get the comfort of whitsunday cruises but it will be much more exciting than cruise whitsundays!

Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in the Whitsundays sailing adventures

As a tourist, you will surely enjoy the best coral and underwater experiences. If you are one of the millions interested more into sailing, the Whitsundays is definitely the spot for you. The best part is that you get the opportunity to rent or hire different types of boats and even pay for the luxurious and the comfortable yacht and experience the fun of sailing the coast along with your friends and family members.

Hire boats and yachts for your Whitsundays sailing adventures

The tour operators have so many options available for you. You can also hire the glass bottom kayak to witness the beauty of the underwater world without getting wet.

Basically, you have the option of enjoying and experiencing the best of sailing whitsundays both above and under the water. There seems nothing like enjoying the Whitsundays sailing adventures.

Island hopping is one of the most popular and well known sailing adventures that can be done in the Whitsundays. This is one of the prime reasons why the tourists and visitors in such a large number opt for renting a boat or a yacht to explore the islands in the location.

You can rent a boat or a yacht for seven days or more sailing the whitsundays and experience the beauty of the island completely.

The best holiday memories about whitsunday sailing adventures whitsunday boat trips

Whatever adventures you have in your mind, you can be assured of the fact that the Whitsundays sailing adventures will help you create the best holiday memories of all time. There are a lot of people who make it a point to visit the island every year to experience the best of sailing and enjoy the beautiful and natural scenarios all around.

There are several very important things you need to take note of when you are chartering a yacht for the first time, considering that the Whitsunday yacht charter process can be detailed.

Take note of the following mistakes first-time yacht charter clients make.

1. Relying on the Internet alone, when doing research | Whitsundays Sailing

It’s true that you can acquire a lot of relevant and useful information when you surf the Internet, but do not be content with it alone. Consider the fact and the possibility of false advertisement. Posted photos of yachts can be too good to be true.

And besides, you cannot absolutely tell if a yacht is in good condition by merely looking at photos, even if each side and component of the boat is photographed.
Do some research using other sources. Ask for referrals. Ask anyone you know who have experienced chartering a yacht.

2. Not testing and inspecting the yacht before the cruise. | Whitsunday Cruises

Inspect and test each equipment of the yacht.

If you are not technically knowledgeable about it, bring someone with you who knows about yachts.
If you plan on cruising with kids, be sure the boat you will charter has child-proof railings and sufficient and reliable life jackets.

Check the boat with safety in mind. The second thing to consider is convenience. You are hiring a boat to unwind, so it must give you comfort and relaxation.

3. Not asking specific questions about the yacht | Sailing Whitsundays

Ask about the year the yacht was built. It is important to know the year or date.Chartering a boat that is too old might not be a good idea since it may need often repair. And the worst thing that may happen on your vacation is to be stuck in the middle of the sea on a broken boat.

Make sure the yacht is not more than five years old.

Also, ask about details on the overall present condition of the yacht. Obtain a list of all the equipment, tools, and devices in the boat and see to it that they all perform just fine. Inspect also the exterior of the boat aside from the interior.

4. Not being aware of hidden charges | Cruise Whitsundays

When you are presented with a summary of charges and fees. Go through the list thoroughly.Ask anything, if there is something you are not sure about, or if there is anything unclear to you. Uprightly ask if there are any hidden charges.

The list, of course does not show the “hidden charges” but if you ask, you might get the answer, besides you are the client and you have the right to know what and how much you will pay for. Be assertive on this matter.

5. Not studying the contract thoroughly | Whitsundays Tour

Before you sign which finalises the booking process, make sure you have read and understood everything that is written on the contract.
Also, look for things that are not in the contract that are supposed to be stated there; things like reimbursement agreement, in case the boat malfunctioned in the middle of the sea.You need to have a clear understanding and agreement on this situation.

Every expense when this happens must be shouldered by the company.

Do not hesitate to ask about something you do not fully understand about the contract. If you think something is missing, or something seems incorrect, speak up and demand for adjustments.

Since there is a possibility of changing or adjusting some things about the contract, go for contract signing few weeks before your target date of travel to avoid any delay.

Just pick up one of our whitsundays holiday packages and you’ll get both an amazing whitsundays tour and the best of whitsundays sailing!

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