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Tours Temporarily Suspended 

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Until 1st July 2020

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Sailing The Whitsundays With Matador

Tours Temporarily Suspended 

due to Covid-19

 Until 1st July 2020

For a truly unique experience onboard a legend, 2017 marks the relaunch of the Matador Whitsundays as a 2-Day 1-Night charter vessel taking guests sailing through the Whitsundays Islands to Whitehaven Beach and the best snorkelling spots the Islands has to offer.

We believe in providing an excellent product for an affordable price, which is why we only sell direct and through one online travel agent, passing all of the savings onto our guests.

With the majority of travellers between 20-40 years of age, Matador caters from 12 and up, welcoming families and people from all walks of life on an unforgettable experience.

If you’re up for a sailing adventure or just after a relaxing time in the newly acclaimed ‘Best destination in Australia’ Book Now on Matador Whitsundays to explore this tropical paradise.

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Matadors Sailing History 

Built by Eric Goetz , Matador Whitsundays was constructed with all the latest, “space age” technology in carbon fibre. This produced a light but immensely strong structure. Previously owned by entrepreneur Anton Starling Matador had competed in 52 races and 8 Regattas and two world maxi yacht races, boasting a total of 31 wins 5 seconds and 6 thirds.

This $20 million boat constructed from carbon fibre, at 85 feet in length was once considered the largest ocean racing yacht is certainly the fastest yacht in the Whitsundays of its calibre.

Totally different from Whitsunday cruises and providing the best Whitsunday adventures in the Whitsundays islands!

20% Off – Use the code – Matador

Matador Whitsundays

The largest commercial racing boat in the Whitsundays. 52 Races 31 wins

Matador Whitsundays Sailing Tour will be your ultimate Australian holiday

Discover the joy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park while on the Matador Whitsundays. Stopping off to experience all that the Whitsunday Islands has to offer includes snorkeling the visually spectacular corals within pristine sheltered bays. Whitehaven Beach which is continually voted top 10 beaches in the world stretches for 7km of pure white beach, with trails leading up to Tongue Point or the famous Hill Inlet Lookout to take in the grandeur of the spectacular beauty of this remarkable beach. Matador Whitsundays can sleep 27 guests in shared accommodation that will take you back to whispered conversations late into the night about your adventures with forays into the fridge for cold drinks and snacks.

If you’re keen to learn a little about yachting, the Matador Whitsundays professional sailing crew will literally show you ‘the ropes’.  Ask the skipper to show you how to sail while underway and help hoist a sail to take you back to Captain Cooks day. Or sit back on the deck and soak up the serenity of paradise while you enjoy the gentle motion of the yacht as it makes its way from the sun-soaked beach to snorkeling sites and back again. All snorkeling equipment is included in this all-inclusive Matador Whitsundays holiday package.

Enjoy the best of local produce of the Whitsundays Islands, ranging from delicious roast chicken to crunchy salads and tropical fruit all freshly prepared by our cook. Sitting on Matador Whitsundays massive deck, slowing sipping cool refreshments whilst watching the sun slowing sinking in a haze of orange to close out another beautiful day.  As the yacht drifts off in preparation for the next day’s exploring, experience the beauty of the ocean glistening in the moonlight with waves gently lapping at the keel to provide a serenade to gently rock you to sleep.



Whatever your sense of adventure entails Sailing Whitsundays with Matador will simply blow you away

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What you can expect on your tour

We only visit the best locations in the Whitsundays

Hill Inlet Lookout

View Whitehaven Beach from above

Whitehaven Beach

98% Pure silica sand


Stunning corals around the islands


Learn to sail a real racing yacht

Matador Whitsundays Packages

You can choose the tour or package with discounted accommodation in Airlie Beach

Matador 2 Days 1 Night Tour



To Get the 20% Discount use the word “Matador” in the promotion code section when booking


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All Marine Park entry Fees

Whitsunday Islands

74 Islands basking in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef

Explore the Whitsundays Islands with Matador Whitsundays

The naming of islands can be directly attributed to the infamous Captain Cook. He and his crew discovered the passage on what they believed to be Whitsunday, which falls seven days after Easter and is more commonly known in the Christian calendar as Pentecost.

The Whitsunday islands are a chain of 74 islands in the Barrier Reef with island names like Hook, However, only a small proportion of the islands are habitable with Whitsundays accommodation ranging from budget-friendly to all-inclusive options to opulent luxury.

Wherever you stay you will be tantalized by these jewels of green with fringes of white that lie in shades of blue ranging from turquoise to crystal clear to gentian blue that are just waiting to be explored.

Below the surface of the Whitsunday Islands is an abundant amount of coral teaming with colourful fish darting in-between the coral, manta rays, whales, dolphins and turtles just to name a few. Matador Whitsundays will explore this amazing natural wonder of the world don’t forget to take lots of pictures to take back home with you to remind you of what paradise looks like.

One could be forgiven into thinking that exploring would be solely focused on exploring the inviting blue of the sea, but after your Matador Whitsundays tour there is another world to explore and this is the tropical green jungle.

The Cedar Creek Falls has a seasonal waterfall which is only twenty minutes from Airlie Beach. If you’re really looking for something different go crocodile spotting on the Proserpine River. If you like walking there are extensive trails to explore the rain-forest in Conway National Park.  Or walk the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail that includes Whitsunday Island, South Molle Island and Nara Inlet. The Ngara Cultural Centre is included on the trail and is home to a rock shelter with art motifs and cultural deposits. The trail tracks vary in difficulty with the waters between the islands usually calm and can be navigated by kayak. Go further north to Bowen if you have more time to see the Top of the Whitsundays or visit Collinsville a historical rural mining town.

Whitehaven Beach

Stretching 7km along the east side of Whitsunday Island

Step onto Whitehaven Beach with Matador Whitsundays

If you have always wanted to explore a soft powdered beach with turquoise waters and gentle waves lapping the shore, then Whitehaven Beach should be at the top of your list. TripFinder Travellers Choice Awards in 2013 named it the #1 beach in Australia and you can enjoy this stunning beach with Matador Whitsundays

The beach is on one of the 600 islands that make up the Great Barrier Reef.  This tropical paradise on Whitsunday Island is in the inner reef section of the Reef, and also forms part of the 74 Whitsunday Islands National Park.

Imagine seeing a pristine beach for as far as your eye can see.  It stretches for an amazing 7km.  What makes the iridescent white of the beach is the 98% silica content. This beach is not a thin strip but rather cuts a swathe of white along the edges of the island.  Shake out your towel, sunscreen and a paperback with a periodic cooling plunge for some well-deserved relaxation. Matador Whitsundays has just taken you to paradise.

Sailing the Whitsundays with your Matador Whitsundays Tour you will explore the famous Hill Inlet Lookout which rises above the ocean and gives you breathtaking views of Whitehaven Beach.

This beach is also home to visiting turtles and manta rays and plenty of fish. Depending on the time of the year you visit the beach, you could be fortunate enough to witness one of nature’s miracles.  Witnessing humpback whales playing with their newborn babies.

Don’t forget to take loads of pictures and even investigate how to take underwater pictures that you will marvel over in years to come when you have long dusted the sea sand from your feet. But there’s always next year to plan on returning to the beauty of Whitehaven Beach.

Great Barrier Reef

The size of 70 million football fields

Swim into the Great Barrier Reef with Matador Whitsundays

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the natural world that is synonymous with white beaches, crystal clear water and coral reefs.  A few factoids to understand what makes the Great Barrier Reef so unique. The reef is the size of 70 million football fields and is the same size as Germany, Italy, Japan and Malaysia altogether. The Great Barrier Reef is actually made up of 3000 smaller reefs if you can call a reef the size of Japan smaller that is.

Sailing Whitsundays is really the best way to explore this amazing slice of paradise.

Matador Whitsundays visits the stunning soft corals of the Great Barrier Reef that surround the Whitsunday Islands. This tour has everything including all your meals, snorkeling equipment, bedding etc. are all included in the price, you will even learn some sailing tips. Sailing allows access to the many islands and the beaches that make up this paradise.

However, you decide to explore the turquoise wonderland you will need to get wet.  Break out the swimmers and sunscreen and hit the water. Grab your snorkeling gear to better explore what makes the Great Barrier Reef so unique. Underwater is where it’s all happening. The reef is home to over 1500 different type of fish species. They create this underwater wonderland of brightly coloured jewels that dart around in and amongst the coral. The wonderland that opens up is extraordinary.  be prepared to be amazed at your Matador Whitsundays Tour at the underworld paradise that is the Great Barrier Reef.

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